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Butler represents clients in a variety of industries, including government, public affairs, finance and banking, non-profit, and more. Here's what they have to say about our PR representation.


 Henry Cisneros, Principal of Siebert Williams Shank & Co., L.L.C.  

"The Butler team understands that presenting a company to the public involves much more than creating a profile from a continuous litany of laudatory and highlighted accomplishments. It is integrating every external expression to place the provable strengths of a firm in the context of its industry sector and to explain how it capably performs to meet the needs of its segment of the larger economy.  I know from experience that Butler Associates is comprised of knowledgeable media professionals and broad-gauge advisers, a team capable of strategic thinking, rapid response, and precise presentation."

samuel bacharach.jpg

Samuel B. Bacharach, Director, Institute for Workplace Studies (Cornell University)

"Butler Associates combine professionalism with the personal touch. In all the work I've done with them, they've been superb professionals, opening up opportunities and securing visibility. They are able to do this because they spend the time to understand what we're all about and what we're trying to accomplish. Working with Butler Associates, I felt I received immense support as they brought visibility to our research, our publications, and our institute."


Windham Mountain Ski Resort

“Butler Associates is very easy to work with and quite proactive about hitting us with fresh, new ideas. Their contacts in the media world have helped Windham Mountain obtain coverage with some of the largest outlets in the country. I appreciate their tenacity, intelligence and professionalism more than I can express.”

Steve Conboy M Fire.jpg

Steve Conboy, Founder, M-Fire Suppression

“The support that Butler Associates gave our company with some of our new scientific innovations and patents, was beyond anyone’s expectations. They regularly arranged for me and our product to appear in very significant news outlets across the nation, radically enhancing our brand and reputation. It was not only fulfilling but fun and highly professional to work with such a dedicated and focused team.”

M Fire Logo.jpg
Michael Correa Metro.jpg

Michael Correra, Executive Director, Metropolitan Package Store Association

“When we started with Butler Associates, we were six feet under on a critical public policy issue, with our opponents about to close up our grave. The Butler team instantly changed the tone and intensity of the debate. Their work not only got us out of that grave, but flipped the position, giving us the high ground and forcing our opponents to retreat!”

Screenshot 2021-08-04 112042.png

Bill Thompson, 42nd Comptroller of The City of New York (2002-2009)

“He was able to tie things together into a larger strategy. We’re going to work together…absolutely. You stay with people you have faith in.”


Oren Barzilay, President, FDNY EMS Local 2507

“We came to Tom Butler and his team after past mediocre representation from other firms. Butler did what they said they would do, which was to radically enhance the way people think about the critical work that our members do in New York. Their strategies and implementation are second to none and the results have proven fruitful time and again.”

Lori Ames HHWA.png

Lori Ames, President, Home Healthcare Workers of America

“Bringing public awareness of the needs of home healthcare workers and industry healthcare providers is integral to HHWA’s mission. We could not have found better partners in this endeavor than the team at Butler Associates.  Their knowledgeable professionals have combined communications insight with strategic media relations to dramatically increase our organization’s visibility and achieve unprecedented recognition for our members. In just a year, Butler Associates’ invaluable guidance has put home healthcare workers and the HHWA on the map.”

Bob Rehm.jpeg

Robert A. Rehm, Chief Financial Officer, Association of BellTel Retirees

"Tom Butler started assisting the Association of BellTel Retirees, Inc. when we were a small startup corporation in 1996. He helped us grow our membership from a few thousand to over 130,000 members. He got our name/logo in lights on the Teletron on Broadway, arranged to get our organization featured in Fortune Magazine, Barons, NYTimes, and hundreds of other media outlets. Tom (and his Butler Associates) is part of our retiree family. His work ethics are impeccable and he works tirelessly to get our message out to all retirees, the media, and, corporate and governmental leaders."

Charles E Callahan III Plaza College President.png

Charles Callahan III, President, Plaza College

“When we sought to spotlight and elevate awareness for some of our academic degree programs in the medical, dentistry and legal arena, we turned to Butler Associates. Their team was able to facilitate exceptionally high-quality media awareness on network television, and leading outlets like the Wall Street Journal. The results were game changing.”

Plaza College.png

Robert J. De Sena, Founder & President, Council for Unity, Inc.

"Butler Associates has been the catalyst that has launched The Council for Unity from a small not-for-profit to a growing mid-sized organization. The quality of media coverage of our program by Butler Associates has also attracted donors and volunteers for our operation. The personal touch they provide and the network they engage on a client's behalf is without compare"

Council for Unity small.jpg

Steve Cassidy, Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York (President, 2002-2016)

“We have found Butler Associates' media strategy and execution to be excellent. For over 20 years, the UFA has counted on Butler Associates to develop and execute major media coverage for our organization – and they’ve delivered consistently.”

UFA transparent.png

Richard Harcrow, Past President of New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association

“On my first day in office as NYSCOPBA’s president, the first call I made was to retain Butler Associates as our public relations counsel. Over the years, they have become a trusted and respected ally in NYSCOPBA’s battle to improve the lives of our members. I was thoroughly impressed by Butler Associates’ counsel and the firm’s ability to manage critical situations effectively...I believe Butler Associates can be an asset for any individual or company looking to retain public relations counsel.”

PSO small_edited.jpg

James E. Casey, President at ProtectSeniors.Org 

“Butler Associates’ energy, creativity, and execution of concepts have been superb and have made our organization’s media campaigns and projects an overwhelming success. We look forward to their continued help with our strategic planning to make our organization grow and meet its objectives.”

PSO small_edited.jpg
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