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A Look Back on 2021

As we approach a New Year, Butler Associates stepped back to reflect on some #2021Wins for both our clients and the firm!

We thank our peers and colleagues from the Public Relations Society of America NY, for recognizing Butler Associates for being the “BEST in Reputation and Brand Management” in 2021.

The Butler Team worked hand-in-hand with our clients this year, enhancing their brand with media placements that helped shape the conversation on key issues, protected and strengthened brand reputations and influenced top decision makers.

The following examples are but a snapshot to demonstrate Butler Associates’ dedication to consistent results for our clients and affirms why the PRSA designated us as a top-tier, award-winning firm for 4th consecutive year:

1. The world is full of stressors. From COVID to conversations about work to returning to work after COVID lock downs. The San Francisco Chronicle featured an opinion editorial by renowned neuropsychologist Wilfred Van Gorp, Ph.D. that helped structure solutions on how employers can assist employees with mental health issues.

2. Life teaches that good health is real wealth. Unfortunately, Home Healthcare Workers who keep our society’s seniors healthy are not properly valued by New York State. The television show Capital Tonight examined the dangerous shortage of caretakers caused by politically-suppressed wages with Home Healthcare Workers Union of America’s Joe Pecora. He described how decisions made by detached bureaucrats cause more harm and how to start fixing a broken situation to improve the healthcare in New York.

3. Siebert Williams Shank’s President and Founder, Suzanne Shank, was interviewed by Yahoo Finance’s Editor-in-Chief for an astounding 30-minute one-on-one feature as a major Influencer on Wall Street, in addition to being named a Notable Woman of Wall Street in Crain’s New York.

4. 2021 marked the 20th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America on 9/11. Barasch & McGarry never forgot and continues to advocate for more than 25,000 victims of 9/11, ranging from first responders to everyday people, like all of us, simply working or going to school around the Twin Towers from 2001-2002. NY1 News was among the many major news outlets that spotlighted Michael Barasch for his advocacy to ensure the 9/11 Community was included among those first to become eligible for the COVID vaccine back in January of this year.

5. Over 10 people sought to replace outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio in the June 2021 primary for Mayor. At the center of the discussion was City Hall veteran Sid Davidoff, Founding Partner of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, who weighed in as the resident expert on all things New York politics with the New York Post. As Mayor-Elect Eric Adams marched on to win the primary and general election, the media turned to Sid again and again for sage advice on what we can expect from the incoming administration for New York City.

6. Revenge of the Retirees! The Association of BellTel Retirees is a critical nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and protecting retirees' pension and benefits rights from being undermined or reneged upon. The Association was featured on the cover of pro-business periodical CRAIN’S New York Business. The also graced the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s, Reuters, and many, many more.

7. New York-based Zara Realty made huge steps in 2021 to lessen their carbon footprint, including installing Solar Panels on every building they own in Queens, NY. If you’ve kept track, that's more than 40 major apartment buildings! This massive effort was recognized in Solar Building Magazine.

8. Prominent auto industry magazine, Auto Dealer Today, recognized Mark Schienberg, leader of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, in a huge profile piece about his career and his sage leadership of the organization through the COVID crisis. Pictured on the front cover of this important industry publication with Mr. Schienberg is New York’s Mayor-Elect, Eric Adams.

9. 2021 was a year of uncertainty for so many. Political Director of the United Service Workers Union, Connor Shaw, was featured on PBS discussing municipal nursing home shutdowns proposed in New Jersey and how it simply made little sense to the patients, workers, and families to whom they are providing service.

10. Former HUD Secretary, Henry Cisneros, and William Fulton director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University co-authored an Op-Ed in The Hill on infrastructure, saying the Biden Administration’s infrastructure plan needed to include input from the cities impacted by the bill. This was part of a national media campaign for the Kinder Institute, which Butler led.

11. Finally, in February, when Crain’s New York Business awarded 50 “Whole Health Leaders” of the Pandemic, we were proud to have four of our clients honored on the list: Lori Ames from Home Healthcare Workers of America, Oren Barzilay from FDNY EMS, Michael Barasch from Barasch & McGarry, and Mark Schienberg from GNYADA. If you’re counting, the math shows 8% of this list came from Butler Associates.

Butler Associates will always strive to serve our clients and get their important voices heard in 2022.

Stay tuned for so much more news to come. Visit our new website @, which we changed after many years with a much longer address.

Stay Great in 2022.

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