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What is NY (Media) Real Estate Worth?

Pre-Pandemic when Butler Associates moved, we decided our new home would be a rooftop office in Midtown Manhattan, which we call @40-Lex Studios.

With 360-degree vistas and vantage points overlooking the Big Apple skyline, it's been a great place for media photo and video shoots. As a major news photographer arrived for a recent client photo shoot, her reaction was... WOW!

1-Day Media "Double-Double"

In the leadup to Memorial Day, the Butler Team secured two double page features on the very same day in the NY Post and the NY Daily News (pg. 2 & 3) print editions. A double-page newspaper spread is rather rare, but two on the same day is pretty darn great!

Later the same day, the Butler Team parlayed more news opportunities into two lengthy Fox 5 New York TV feature broadcast stories.

Power Placements on Top Opinion & Editorial Pages!

The editorial and opinion pages are well read and serve as the heart and soul of any news outlet. Here are some recent high level, strategic placements.

The Albany Times Union published Building Trades Employers Association President and CEO, Louis Coletti's OPED about a century-old law responsible for increased litigation against developers, which needlessly drives up the cost of doing business in New York.

In AM New York, leaders of New York's Clean Energy Jobs Coalition urged an equitable state energy transition to not leave working women and men behind. The Coalition also published in the Syracuse Post Standard stressing that NY needs an energy plan and not an outright natural gas ban.

Through effective interaction, we helped pivot a decade-old editorial page position, resulting in a positive reflection of client priorities from Long Island's #1 news leader, for the North Shore Schools.

Industry News

Being Social: Best Time to Connect with 4 Billion Social Media Users

It’s recognized that each social platform has different strengths and how to maximize that matters. According to a review of 30,000 users by Sprout Social, looking at engagement patterns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, the best time to get your message out is Tues to Thurs, during the 10 am hour!

Digital Ad Spending Spiked 35% in 2021

Digital ad spending experienced record-breaking 35% growth in 2021, according to a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In 2021 the overall U.S. spend to have a digital advertising presence was $189 billion. It climbed from just under $140 billion in 2020. Read more here.

PR the Wrong Way: FAKE Financial News of Tesla Acquisition

Back on April 12, a fake news release, purportedly from Tesla, "issued" by a New York City PR shop, itself recovering from recent scandals and senior-level resignations, said the electric car firm would acquire a lithium company. There is more to this case study on bad actors doing PR wrong. Read more here.

Client News

Congratulations to Wall Street's #1 MWBE firm, Siebert Williams Shank (SWS), which just received a major investment from Apollo, to add even more muscle and momentum to the powerhouse minority and woman owned firm. Read more about this merger that the Butler Team announced in Bloomberg, BondBuyer, Crain’s New York, and Black Enterprise!

SWS has also just launched a new higher education finance practice, as reported by Bloomberg and The Bond Buyer.

The housing and mortgage market has been topsy-turvy. Jodi Hall, President of Nationwide Mortgage Bankers (NMB) stepped into the spotlight several times to address this period of economic transition, including for a high profile front cover story for USA Today and another piece in the Wall Street Journal!

Also, Time Magazine's, Next Advisor spotlighted the NMB Chief Executive on the rising rates, and timing a new home purchase. She also graced the pages of NerdWallet on the reluctance of homeowners to list and sell their properties.

Energy, environmental, business, community, and labor leaders joined together early in 2022, to make their voices heard as the Clean Energy Jobs Coalition. Its members have been testifying across New York to advocate for a state energy plan that makes both economic and environmental sense. Newsday, LoHud, Politico, Syracuse Post Standard, and AM New York are among the many outlets doing significant news and editorial coverage about the powerful presence and clear message of coalition members, in an ultimately successful campaign agenda.

Sid Davidoff, managing partner at DHC Legal, and pillar of NY government and politics, commented on congressional redistricting with midterm elections on the horizon with Fox 5. Also, Keith Wright, conducted a 14-minute interview with Capitol Press Room on “Good Cause” housing legislation.

Slot machines are huge money makers in casinos, so what is the reason for their disappearance? DHC Legal's Nick Antenucci weighed in with Forbes.

Yikes. Actress Olivia Wilde got served in front of millions. Leslie Barbara, chair of the matrimonial practice at DHC Legal, was prominent in USA Today on the legal meaning and optics of it all.

It’s been just over two-plus years since the very first COVID shutdown in NYC. Now, the burnout being experienced by FDNY EMTs is rising to the surface, as reported in CBS New York. Also, in another 4-minute feature interview with Fox 5 New York City, FDNY EMS Union President, Oren Barzilay speaks of the difficult and stressful job his members do for their fellow New Yorkers.

Special Announcements!

Spotlight Legal Webinar on Occupational Health & Safety

After nearly 50 years, a remarkable thing happened: The City of New York finally recognized and acknowledged nearly 4,700 workers who toiled in what is recognized as the largest toxic indoor fire in America.

In advance of the dedication of a memorial to the toxic 1975 NY Telephone Company Fire, the Butler Team created the infrastructure of a webinar that brought critical stakeholders from UCLA School of Medicine, Barasch & McGarry - Lawyers for the 9/11 Community, the FDNY, and the BellTel Retirees together to focus attention on workplace health and safety. The webinar has gained well over 1,500 participants to date and a major metropolitan newspaper feature news story. You can see the webinar here.

Congratulations to our client, the New York-New England Dairy Consortium (NY-NE). The food and dairy firm has attracted quite significant attention of policy leaders in Washington D.C. and across the Northeast States and has been featured in news stories by the USDA and other important food and farming industry news pipelines. NY-NE's aim is to create a business environment to enable farms to prosper, by providing them economic tools, sales, and product marketing capabilities.

Client Achievements!

Congratulations to Joseph Pecora Jr. on being elected National President of the Home Healthcare Workers of America, a critical 34,000 member union advocating for the workplace rights of the women and men providing care for our society's frail and elderly.

Congratulation to Zara Realty which just topped off a new 250,000 square foot residential development in Jamaica, Queens, adjacent to the historic Rufus King Park. The concept of this development was 15 years in the making and will add many new environmentally friendly apartments.

Congratulations to Richard Harcrow, a longtime client, and fiend to the firm on his election as Secretary of the Western New York Association of Law Enforcement Professionals. Mr. Harcrow previously led NYSCOPBA, a 25,000 member law enforcement union based Albany.

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